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Legend of Mir 2 Wiki is a dedicated resource aimed at providing you with detailed game play information about the popular Korean MMORPG Legend of Mir 2.

No download links can found be on the wiki for the moment. If you've found us through means other than the LOMCN forum then please visit the following link to get instructions on downloading and setting up the latest files.

LOMCN Mir Crystal Downloads and Guides

This wiki site is new and being constantly updated by a small group of contributors. Should there be information you need which is not yet listed on the wiki please visit the link above where you can get the help and information you need.

Wiki Topics

Game Info:


Warrior, Wizard, Taoist, Assassin, Archer


Bichon Province, Woomyon Woods South, Woomyon Woods North, Serpent Valley, Mongchon Province, Castle Gi-Ryoong, Prajna Island, Past Bichon, Waste Lands, Seokcho Valley, White Valley


Oma Cave, Bichon Mines,



Server Info:


Getting Started, Account, Configuration, Todo,


Player, Gamemaster, NPC


Item, Monster, NPC, Pet, Exp, Transform