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Mir 2 wiki is a dedicated resource site for the popular Korean MMORPG Legend of Mir 2, This site aims to provide a thorough guide to everything you need with setting up your own personal Mir 2 server. Using the ever developing open source set of files named Crystal Mir2, this site provides all the tutorials and guides you should need to get yourself started with creating a great server.

Just want to play? Don't worry as we have you covered too. We provide all the official information on game systems, magics, maps, NPCs, monsters, items - and much more. So whether you're a beta veteran just looking to touch up on your stats, or a beginner looking to see what the world of Mir has to offer, this site is for you.

If you're unsure where to start you should visit the main page for a list of the most popular pages.


Mir Name Real name Role
Jamie/Hello Jamie Original Developer
Far Andrew Lead Developer / Mir 2 Wiki Owner
TheDeath Developer
DivX Developer
Elijah Ashley Developer
StephenKing Stephen Developer
Paulkerr Paul Developer
Daneo1989 Luke Database creation
SmavidDavid David Mir 2 Wiki Contributor
Ardbeg Zath
Breezer Damian Graphic Designer
WarGodSius Simon Mir 2 Wiki Contributor